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  • There is still time to fix this if you have purchased the woman in your life one of these items.
  • This is a generalization, and if you think you know your wife better, go with your gut and get her that new vacuum cleaner.  (You have been warned!)
  • Gifts should be personal and reflect the fact that you know them and what they like.

The first rule of getting anyone gifts is - when in doubt -  just do it. The person who complains loudly or wishes you wouldn't buy them anything is likely saying that because they know you are going to mess it up and buy something they hate.

Then they will be forced to say that they love it, and then carry that lie with them for years. They are dreading the chore of pretending to like your gift, not the gift itself.

If you don't count yourself among people who are inherently just good gift-givers, you might have anxiety about what you have bought. If your purchase for your significant other is on this list, you might want to rethink things.

The Smaller The Box The Better The Gift In Texas 

Everything is bigger in Texas, but if your gift is dwarfing the tree, you might have made a bad decision. Nothing but chores come in huge boxes.

The best things do come in small packages. It doesn't have to be expensive, but if you are looking to buy something, keep it smaller and simpler.

Household cleaning supplies are a no-go. I know she has been talking about that new vacuum. Buy it with her AFTER Christmas with gift cards you both might have gotten.

Steer clear of any apparatus that could be meant to help her on a weight loss journey. According to nypost.com this is a very bad idea.

Especially if she has made no indication of wanting to lose weight. The weight she loses might just be you from her life.

If you purchased any anti-aging creams or other self-care/self-improvement items of any kind just go hide it somewhere now.

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