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As I type this story there are several active wildfires in Texas. Though most of these fires run rampant in forests that are uninhabited by people, many are already being forced from their homes.

Fire agencies are working day and night to get these fires under control. When you are forced to evacuate, you never know what will become of your home and the contents within.

When you leave in a hurry it's easy to forget things on the way out. A simple way to remember the things you need to take with you is the 5 P's method.

New Items Added To The 5 P's Of Wildfire Evacuation 

As technology and modern life evolve so does this list, and here is an updated version.

The 5 P's Of Texas Wildfire Evacuations

In an emergency evacuation here are the things you should grab before you get to safety.

When super high temps and burn bans start entering the fray in the summer, conditions are favorable for large wildfires. There is a lot of critically dry foliage in Texas right now.

Though Mother Nature is perfectly capable of starting large wildfires on her own, we can do our part not to add to the equation. Don't throw lit cigarette butts out of your car.

There are many other ways that you could start a wildfire without even knowing it.

7 Unsuspecting Items That May Spark Texas Wildfires

With extremely dry conditions across the state, the following everyday items that may accidentally spark a fire.

Take precautions to make sure that you aren't part of the problem. If you are close to a wildfire, take these measures to keep smoke out of your home.

8 Ways to Clear & Keep Wildfire Smoke from Your Home