This is a wild one, viewer discretion is advised.

The video below features a group of rascals throwing hands at each other on a night out in Dallas, Texas.

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"At" each other, because not many of them landed.

Round One Goes to the Kicker

The video opens right in the middle of the nation, with one guy running in from stage left and delivering a pretty solid front kick. This might be the only person in this video with any kind of formal training, because the rest of the attempted strikes from literally everyone else in this video don't seem to quite hit their intended marks.


She Gave Him the Ol' Stinkface

At the same time the first guy is showing off his karate kick, another rascal in green goes down, and this poor man doesn't get up for the rest of the video. Every attempt he makes is foiled. It's so bad, at one point a lady trips and falls backward and plants her butt right on his head.


Swing and a Miss

The most interesting part of this video is the sheer amount of wild swings that miss their target. If you can ignore the main action that's happening in the middle of the frame you can see all sorts of other mini-fights happening all around. In these, I counted at least twelve punches that didn't come anywhere close to making contact with anything.


Thankfully, it doesn't seem like anybody got seriously injured.


Check out the video below:


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