Wild Videos of Recent Texas Tornados in Clarendon and Fort Stockton!

Something is awe-inspiring about the sheer force of nature that is a tornado.

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That's why every time we get another round of Tornados in Texas, we pass them on to you. The videos below are from a couple of impressive ones from last night's storms her in the Lone Star State.

Clarendon Texas

This one is an incredible time-lapse from Claredon, Texas. It's wild to see how that entire, huge cloud rotates around the base like that. Truly impressive.


Fort Stockton

Next up is Fort Stockton. Another tornado hit here, and the video is just as cool. This one is totally different than the one above.

It looks like it could have started off as a tiny little dust devil, but just kept growing.  

Wrapping Up

In the end, these tornado videos are pretty amazing. They remind us of how powerful nature is. But they also show how people can come together and help each other out. Let's keep being strong and looking out for each other!

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