This is my kind of celebrity right here. 

I say Spencer from SB Mowing is my kind of celebrity because he’s famous for his hard work. It’s not often that someone achieves fame for simply making an honest living in a blue-collar job. 

Not only is he a hard worker, but he’s incredibly generous.

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The below video shows him doing a job that most lawn care companies would have charged hundreds of dollars for free of charge. His only motivation was to make the neighborhood look better. 

He found a home in South Texas that had been abandoned by the owner who lived hours away in Dallas. The home was padlocked shut with a notice from code enforcement from six months prior on the front door regarding the lawn that was extremely overgrown. 

After the next-door neighbor told him the house had been abandoned and the city had given up on maintaining the lawn, he decided to take matters into his own hands and clean it up. 

My best guess is that the lawn was so overgrown that he spent an entire day on it. He had to go over it with a trimmer and remove the clippings before mowing it due to the grass being so tall. And the amount of sidewalk and driveway that was hidden by the grass is insane.  

Hopefully, the owner of the home (or at least the city) catches wind of this video and does the right thing to ensure the lawn is properly maintained moving forward.


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