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Crazy Skiing Crashes! [VIDEO]
'Tis the season to go skiing! A lot of folks are headed to the mountains to have some fun in the snow. I used to be one of those folks. That is until I got older and broke a wrist. I love to go to the mountains and enjoy the beautiful snow -- just not on skis.
Golden Eagle Snatches Up a Baby [VIDEO]
This is the craziest video I think I've ever seen! A man from Canada was filming this Golden Eagle flying above him at a park. Nice enough right? But then the eagle dives in and swoops up a small child who's sitting on the grass. The eagle is so strong, he actually lifts the child off the …
Is This the Best Marriage Proposal of All-Time? Yep. [VIDEO]
The dancing down the aisle during the wedding, the flash mobs, the scoreboard proposals -- they've all been done. And in the world of social media, Web 2.0 and the ever-immediate possibility of just about anything going viral, we're always subtly looking for the next great story, video or event to t…

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