There is something special about being a bonded pair. You get to spend all of your time with your best buddy, eat together, play tug-o-war with an old sock, run around the backyard together, and just have all the fun in the world.

While you may not be blood-related and of the same breed, you feel just like you are because you spend so much time together and just get along. That's exactly how Wilson and Louie feel, they feel like they're brothers although they are different breeds.

Meet Wilson and Louie. These guys are waiting to be adopted together from the Humane Society's Pets Fur People in Tyler, Texas. Wilson is a 5-year-old long-coat Chihuahua mix and Louie is a Shih Tzu mix. Both of these guys have been spayed. They are leash-trained and house-trained too.

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These guys enjoy the company of other dogs and will need to be adopted together.

As an adopted pair, Wilson and Louie will each go home with a starter kit of food and a collar and leash. For information on adopting Wilson and Louie call 903.597.2471 or check the Humane Society’s Pets Fur People website. Pets Fur People requires a completed adoption application before arranging a meet and greet.

Check out the animals that are available for adoption. Adoption hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am until 5 pm - closed for lunch 1-2 pm. The Humane Society’s Pets Fur People is the only brick-and-mortar no-kill shelter in East Texas. Pets Fur People offers routine vaccinations, except for rabies, to the public for dogs and cats. Follow Pets Fur People on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please be a responsible pet owner - spay or neuter your pets. Donations are appreciated.

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