If You Have Some Outstanding Warrants in Marshall, TX, You Definitely Will Want To Pay Attention To This.

For a lot of "law abiding citizens" 🙄, you might question why police departments have "warrant roundups" when one may argue that there's way more dangerous crimes going on.

A Police Warrant Roundup is a coordinated and intensive law enforcement effort to apprehend individuals with outstanding arrest warrants within a specific jurisdiction.

Typically conducted by local police departments or in collaboration with other agencies, the roundup aims to address the backlog of unresolved cases, enforce court orders, and ensure that individuals facing criminal charges are brought to justice.

The City Of Marshall Police Department Announced Plans For Its Warrant Roundup.


According to a post on its Facebook page, The City of Marshall is currently in the planning stages for a Class C warrant roundup.

If you suspect you might have an outstanding warrant, its strongly encouraged that you check the list of active warrants the city has posted online and visit the Municipal Court at 110 South Bolivar, Suite 104B, to resolve your warrant(s).

Taking care of it now will prevent future complications.

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If you take care of it now, you will not be arrested for resolving your warrants before the roundup. But if you choose not to clear outstanding warrants, please be aware that this could result in your arrest, vehicle impoundment, and your photo possibly getting put on BLAST on social media.

How Can I Find Out If I Have A Warrant?

The City Of Marshall has posted a list of ACTIVE warrants by CLICKING HERE.

There's 68 pages of warrants so if you find your name, you can contact the Municipal Court at 903-935-4535 to get the process of clearing your name started.

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