What's In The Water In Longview That Has Folks Winning Millions Of Dollars With The Texas Lottery?

There's several new millionaires in East Texas to kick off 2024 including a Sulphur Springs resident (who won big back in November of 2023) and a Marshall resident (who won a million bucks in June of last year) in drawings and scratch-off games.

One winner in Tyler had to SPLIT their winnings in a rare occurrence.

This week, we found out that someone in Longview won $3 Million on a Texas Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket and 24 hours later, the Texas Lottery announced that ANOTHER Longview resident has stepped forward to claim a big prize!

A Mega Millions ticket sold in Longview won a $2 million prize from a drawing on Jan. 2nd.

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According to The Texas Lottery, the ticket sold in Longview matched the five winning numbers, winning a $1 million prize, that was doubled with the Megaplier.

The crazy thing about it is, WHERE the ticket was brought, because apparently this is gonna become a hot spot for lottery players.

The ticket was sold at the Murphy Express on E. Loop 281.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This same Murphy's Express location also sold a winning $3 Million Dollar scratch off ticket in June 2021 according to CBS19.

The winning numbers drawn were 3, 18, 27, 29, 64 and the Mega Ball was 1. The Texas Lottery says that the winner has stepped forward to claim the prize but choose to remain anonymous.

As for the rest of us, try your luck and go find the scratch-off tickets below that still have HUGE jackpots remaining.

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