I'm Reminded Of A Classic R&B Song From The 80's That Predicted That The Future Every Time Folks In Texas Talk About Dating Apps.

Do you remember the song "Computer Love" by Roger & Zapp?

If you do, then you know its a song about using a computer to find your true love and even though that song came out in the early 80's, it correctly predicted our current state of "dating" with single folks turning to "apps" to find their special someone.

Gone for the most part, are the days of PERSONALLY getting to know each other face to face. We now make instant "swipes" based on "profiles and pictures" without really getting to know the other person.

It makes sense now why so many singles say that the "dating pool" has "pee in it".

What Dating App Are You Using?

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There's HUNDREDS of dating apps out there and there's even more when you consider that there's apps that are broken down to finding a match based on other factors including careers, race, even religion and politics.

There's even dating apps for folks looking to CHEAT on their significant others believe it or not.

What's The Most Popular Dating App in Texas?

Tinder Co-Founders Sue Former Parent Company For $2 Billion
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According to Google search data for 2023 for 81 dating platforms to see we found out which ones Texans are most interested in and which ones Americans are ditching overall.

Tinder is comfortably the most popular dating platform in Texas, with 130,440 average monthly searches while Ashley Madison (the one for "cheaters") is the second most popular.

Here's the Top 10 dating apps in Texas and good luck swiping!

The Top 10 Most Popular Dating Apps In Texas

Looking for love or just someone to spend time with? Then check these dating apps to find your special someone.

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