Let These Cautionary Tales From East and Central Texas Be A Warning To Men Everywhere That Hell Hath No Fury Like A Texas Woman Scorned.

I don't know what's in the water here in the Lone Star State but this week we came across two separate incidents involving ladies who loved hard and took out their anger and pain on the men they loved.

We start right here in East Texas in Crockett where a woman attempted to confront her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.

60 Year Old Carletha Haynes-Simon was arrested Wednesday for an alleged incident on March 10.

Houston County Jail
Houston County Jail

According to police, Crockett police were initially called for a 911 hang up, but after making contact with the caller, found that an act of arson had occurred that night.

The female 911 caller, said she had found her patio chair burnt and a metal oxygen bottle nearby. The document states that the caller reported Haynes as the arsonist.

The caller said that Haynes had come to the house the previous night asking to speak to her ex-boyfriend, who the caller was now dating.

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The pair refused to allow her inside, after which the document said Haynes stated “I’ll kill you and your [expletive],” before leaving “in a rage.” Around 12:30 a.m., Haynes was caught on a security camera returning to the home, lighting an object on fire before setting it on the patio chair.

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An officer spoke with Haynes afterwards at her home, and she admitted to the argument and the arson. She reportedly said she was upset, but had no intention of hurting anyone. She also said that she had brought the oxygen bottle to smash her ex’s car windows, but “decided not to do that.”

A warrant was signed for her arrest on March 22, and she was booked into the Houston County Jail this week on a second-degree felony charge of arson.

Stephanie Arevalo shot her husband in the leg after he was allegedly caught cheating.

Brazos County Jail
Brazos County Jail

Our second tale takes us to Bryan, TX where Arevalo allegedly caught her husband with another woman at their home and shot him while also threatening to shoot the other woman who was also there at the house. The report says after shooting him, she called 911 and waited for officers to get there.


The victim suffered a non-life-threatening wound and was treated and released from the hospital. She reportedly told police her husband deserved it and she knew she was going to jail.

She was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault/Family Violence with a Deadly Weapon.

Fellas, you gotta love them or leave them alone. Choose wisely.

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