Oh yes...everyone loves Thanksgiving...but not one loves tense conversations that may arrive at the Thanksgiving table.  If you've watched Season 2 of the FX show "The Bear," there is a holiday episode that really captures the essence of this.  So, what should Texans not talk about at the Thanksgiving dinner to cause all this controversy, screaming and crying?

Well, The team at Bet Ohio conducted a 3,000-person Thanksgiving survey across Texas to reveal the most disliked topics around the dinner table.

While family disputes may not be surprising at 58%, it ranked number one in Texas. Coming in a close second at 51%, with the US Presidential Election approaching in 2024, many Americans are deciding to avoid this topic during conversations next week. After all, who wants to hear about your parents' political views when bringing your girlfriend home to meet the family for the first time?

Conversation Topic

Percentage of the Vote* 

Family Disputes




Controversial Current Events/News














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The Methodology from the Website...

"3Gem conducted this survey on behalf of BetOhio.com. In total, 3,000 Americans over 21 were polled between the 31st October - 3rd November. Of those surveyed, 49% were male and 51% were female. The age breakdown of participants included in this survey was 20% in the range 21-34, 19% in the range 35-44, 19% in the range 44-54, 18% in the range 55-64, and 24% over 65+."

So there you go - Have a Happy and fight-free Thanksgiving holiday.  I'm sure this list will help you edit yourself at the dinner table...or to do a pre-emptive strike to warn your family too!

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