The history of Texas is changing and a clearer picture is being unveiled as archeologists have recently completed excavations and what's to come will benefit Texans forever.

If you have ever been to the historic Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site, you may have been amazed at what is to see, and maybe a little disappointed about what isn't around anymore. According to Texas Monthly, right now there isn't much to show just how significant the spot was where Sam Houston's cabin once stood. The site, where on March 2, 1836 the declaration that created the Republic of Texas, still has Independence Hall, but much of what was around, including Houston's cabin has been lost to history. But according to Texas Monthly, that is all about to change.

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According to Texas Monthly, archaeologists have completed excavations along the main road of the town. The digging is part of a $51 million dollar project to improve the Washington-on-the-Brazos site. Architects are preparing to rebuild some of the old community where Texas was born.

When the project wraps up, by late 2025, visitors will be able to visit seven full or partial re-creations of structures that once lined La Bahia Road, a major thoroughfare that carried goods and travelers hundreds of miles across the state, from Goliad to Nacogdoches. Besides Houston’s office, they’ll be able to stroll past a drugstore where townsfolk bought basic supplies, poke their heads inside a carpentry shop, look down on the foundation of a typical home, and step inside a pool hall and tavern that doubled as a meeting place for government officials. The project also includes renovations at the park’s visitors center and new exhibit space at the Star of the Republic Museum, which houses maps, documents, and what’s believed to be the only existing flag from the Lone Star State’s nearly ten-year period as an independent republic.

Archaeologists have been able to unearth a brick floor from a home built in the 1830's. Last September when looking for Houston's presidential office, they were able to determine the footprint of a 16-by-16 building finding nails, window glass, ceramics, and buttons all buried under a foot of dirt.

According to Texas Monthly, 10,000 "or so" artifacts have been discovered during the project. Including a key to a gold pocket watch, gun flints, pipes, ceramics, and coins. Including a Spanish silver dollar and an 1831 U.S. dime.

One of the buildings that will be rebuilt according to Texas Monthly is the Hall & Lott's Tavern. It's where Davy Crockett stayed on his way to the Alamo.

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For those who love history and particularly Texas history, all of this is amazing news, and I can't wait to see the finished project which is supposed to be completed in 2025.

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