A terrifying attack happened on a woman who had just finished her grocery shopping at a Louisiana Walmart. The attack left the woman's face and stomach ravaged by the damage done, and she is currently in the hospital.

The scenario that unfolded on Sunday, June 2 is terrifying. The victim, Elsa Davila, of Sulphur, the victim, was just coming out of the Walmart store when she saw a man begging for money.

Davila's daughter, Savanna Gonzales, says her mom walked over to the man to be generous, she gave him some money, and as she was walking away that's when she says her mother was attacked by the dog.

What they believe happened is that the dog snapped its leash, and that's how it was able to run up to the woman. The dog is said to have bitten the woman on her face and her stomach. Davila is in the hospital working to recover from all of the damage done to her face and stomach.

The owner of the dog, 37-year-old Kyle Smith is facing the following charges:

  • Trespassing
  • Cruelty to Animals
  • Unlawful Ownership of a Vicious Dog

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Davila.

Gonzales, on that page, writes,

She is a very strong woman and with the Love of Christ, she knows this will pass. She has had reconstructive surgery on her face and is now on a path to recovery. We appreciate any and all that you can donate. She does not have family other than my sister and myself here. We are grateful for all the prayers and good vibes that we have received, please keep them coming.

A few days ago, Gonzales updated the GoFundMe paid letting everyone know that her mother has been put on a liquid diet and is not allowed to talk while her recovery from her facial surgery continues.

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