When we decide to go on vacation, or decide to visit someplace, we need a reason. Sometimes, it's because of the weather there, or we simply have family in area. But we all need to get away from the standard of normal life every now and then.

One of the big reasons people travel? None other than sights around the area. I mean, for example, if you visit Italy, you have to see the Venice Canals! But what about other reasons to visit an area?

While unexpected, there's been a growth of individuals traveling to areas for one specific reason.

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True Crime Touring On The Rise, Two Texas Cities Are Perfect For It

Many people find true crime fascinating for various reasons. But big cases and their investigations bring many individuals to the area after their completion. Regardless of the crime committed, and wherever they may be, people interested in the particular case will make their way to area. But how does one find out details about the case?

Tours have begun to pop up in the country for those wanting to see the area where the crime took place. Upgraded Points has the data to see where in Texas these tours are growing. It appears that while the Texas continues to grow, so do visitors to the state.

According to the data collected using seven factors, not one, but two cities in the Lone Star State are perfect from true crime touring. Checking in on the list was a Central Texas city too!

At #14 was Austin, Texas, while at #17 was Dallas! So if you looking to tour more with a true crime flair, looks like Texas is a choice to visit.

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