Police in Georgetown are currently seeking an individual who is accused of trying to kidnap a young child. Here's what we know at this point in time.

Preliminary Details Revealed

In a post to social media, the Georgetown Police Department revealed what they know so far:

As stated by the post, an unidentified nine year old child answered the door of their home after an unknown individual knocked on it. The unidentified individual then allegedly took hold of the child and ran from the household.

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Eventually, the individual let the young child go. According to law enforcement of Georgetown, the nine year old is safe. Police have released a description of the suspect as well:

- Black Male
- Large Build
- 5'10"-6"
- Wearing Ballcap, Long Sleeve Black Shirt, and Gray Sweatpants
- Undescribed Tattoo On One Of His Arms

Any individuals with information regarding the attempted kidnapping is encouraged to call 512-930-3510.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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