Everybody in the state of Texas gets stressed, it's ok to admit it.

Various things can cause us to get a little bit bothered in the Lone Star State. It could be something in their personal life, or it could be part of their job. Simply put, someone, somewhere in Texas is going through something.

But it's always more than one individual that is anxious of course. Multiple Texans can be feeling the stress from something, and when someone is stressed, you can normally tell. However, could one Texas city rank above all others in the nation for anxiety?

Sadly, is does look like one Texas city needs some time to unwind. But where exactly is it?

The Most Uptight City In The Nation Is In Texas? How?

To find out, FinanceBuzz tallied the data. Using these four factors, they determined both laid-back and uptight cities:

- Well-being
- Economic factors
- Livability
- Leisure activities

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Sadly, no cities in the Lone Star State made the laid-back top ten. The least laid-back cities however, the spotlight was on Texas. So who was number one overall?

With a score of 10.7 in Well-Being, 10.4 in Livability, Economic factors at 14.5, and Leisure activities sitting at 1.7, Houston took the top spot as the least laid back in Texas.

FinanceBuzz further elaborated by stating:

"A lack of leisure activities relative to population size contributes significantly to this ranking, as Houston ranks among the bottom five when it comes to the number of theme parks, golf courses, yoga studios, and concert venues per capita. Finally, Houston’s workers average an even 40 hours per week on the job, more than any other city."

Houston wasn't alone on the list. Dallas and San Antonio were at third and fifth respectively as well. So it looks like we need some relaxation time in Texas, to say the least!

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