The great state known as Texas is continually growing day by day.

New residents of the Lone Star State are seemingly coming in day by day. We've all seen a moving truck in our neighborhood, either to bring a new face to area or to so someone sadly leaving. Whatever the reason, many vehicles are being used to transport multiple items for Texans.

Some don't realize how much it costs to move, and sometimes it's way more than one might expect to pay to haul their personal items to another area. That cost sometimes stops one from going to a new place. But, what if one were to take away the money needed to move, and it was simply free?

Well, believe it or not, Texas would be the choice of many to start anew, according to recently collected data.

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Data Shows Americans Want To Move To Texas, If Money Wasn't A Factor


As reported by Home Bay, four states earned a special selection by people living in the USA. If the person moving didn't need money to move away, they chose these four states:

1. California
2. New York
3. Florida

Sitting at number four on the list you ask? The Lone Star State. Texas was in the top four of states people wish to move to. How was this determined however? Home Bay polled 2,000 Americans to find out more about how the moved in the year of 2023.

Though to be honest, Texas is a little bit full here. Is there a way we could find some more room for more new Texans?

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