There are so many types of dogs in Texas that we could go on for hours about them.

We've all seen a goodest girl and bestest boy in the Lone Star State that deserves many pets and unlimited treats don't we? We've all got our favorite breeds as well. Obviously, golden retriever pups are at the top of the list.

But, while some of us don't own a dog, other do indeed have a pup as a pet and take care of them. There's a lot that goes into caring for a canine, and it's a big responsibility to take on. But for the most part, there's many fun things you can also celebrate with a dog.

Like a birthday for example? Or just making sure you pup is clean and ready for a big event. Turns out Texas is ranking pretty high for doing just that.

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We Love Spoiling Our Dogs In Texas


According to Forbes Advisor, there were many categories they used to determine how badly Texans spoil their pup. Out of a total of 100, they calculated Texas earned a score of 70.8. So, a very respectable score of course.

But, where did that rank overall in the nation you ask? Well it turns out that pet owners are truly part of the star in the state flag. Texas landed in the top ten in the nation for spoiling their pets!

Texas was placed at 8th in the United States, but looks like California was ranked above us. So, we've got work to do Texas!

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