Texas beaches are a great vacation idea but they, like any beach, can be dangerous.

Texas has some beautiful beaches, including one of the longest beaches in the world but with that beauty, comes some danger. In and OUT of the water.

In the water, you have sharks, jellyfish and other risks. Out of the water, you need to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes and another risk that is both subtle and everywhere.

If the snakes and the dragons don't get you, the beach itself could take you out. The sand you're sunbathing on can become an instant, deadly threat if you're digging in it.

Sand is fun to play with and people, especially kids, love digging in it and burying each other in it. Innocent fun that could turn deadly very quickly no matter how many people are around to help.

Digging holes in sand might seem innocent, but if the hole is deep enough and collapses on a person, it is extremely difficult to escape. In fact, some research suggests more people die of sand burial suffocation than shark attacks. Collapsing sand holes led to 31 deaths, mostly children and 87 percent male, from 1997 to 2007 in the United States. - Washington Post

If you want to dig a hole, keep it shallow and don't go any deeper than knee deep for the shortest person in your group. In general, don't dig down more than 2 feet. When strolling along the beach, watch for holes others may have dug so you don't fall into one or trip and injure yourself.

What If Your Sand Hole Collapses?

You have to move fast ... rescuers typically only have 3 to 5 minutes to save someone.

  • Sand is heavy and very unstable so you have to be careful that your weight doesn't cause more sand to fall into the hole.
  • Trained first responders usually lay boards across the hole so they can work above it, without putting any weight on its edges.
  • Expose the victims mouth first so you can provide rescue breathing while others focus on getting sand off them, starting with the top of their chest.
  • Keep it small. Too many people will add weight that pushes more sand in. Only 2 or 3 people should be in the immediate area.

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