You don't want to jump to too many assumptions, but you gotta believe folks in Dallas, TX, or anywhere in The Lone Star State, would find it hard to believe that whatever happened here justified this complete and total store annhiliation.

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We don't have any context here, but let's say that there is a certainly a situation or two that could warrant this type of carnage. Ok, now that we've got that outta the way, y'all see what thise lady did to this store? It's wild.

"Come at me, b*tch!" 

"Come at me, b*tch!" seems to be her favorite four words. We don't know if this guy, whether he's an employee or owner, or manager, did something to provoke her, but she is mad at him.

At one point she seems to really want to be tased. Not sure if he threatened her with a tasing or not, but she does not seem scared of a tasing.

So what set her off? We will never know, but folks on Twitter weren't afraid of taking guesses:

My guess. She probably got caught stealing. The store employee pressed the button to lock the doors, called the police, & she’s freaking out destroying things.

They were out of Diet Pepsi.

Maybe he wouldn't let her use the restroom even though she bought things and filled up at the pump. That's infuriating! Let em have it....

If she was "set off", that is on her. It is better for one to remain unshaken and walk away from irrational actions and speech that we are not equipped to deal with? He may have done nothing. It may have been her perception. Why should he be blamed? She caused the destruction.

Ah, I see that blaming the victim is cool again.


Watch the video, and see if you can sleuth out what caused this. Merry Christmas!

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