We are well aware of the issue that wild hogs cause folks all across East Texas, especially in rural areas. They get into our yards and tear everything up or, in rare instances, try to attack someone. Yes, they can be that aggressive. It's better to just take them down to stock up on bacon. This time of year you may notice more parts of your yard, even within the city limits, appear to be dug up or rooted through. The cooler weather is bringing more feral hogs out.

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My Experience with Wild Hogs

Most people in East Texas have had their own experience with wild hogs, myself included. Short story but many years ago coming to work from Lindale, I saw a hog running up an embankment to my left. As I turn my head back to the road, BAM!, I hit his buddy. My little Chevy S-10 wouldn't accelerate so I was afraid that it had done some major damage to my vehicle.

I pull over into the next driveway to get out and inspect the damage. The hog had gotten caught under my driver side front wheel and I had drug him for a few yards. He was still alive, too, so I quickly hopped back in my truck and drove away. There was some body damage to the front bumper and front grill but nothing more.

I'll never forget that early morning.

That happened during one of the cooler months of the year. Cold weather for wild hogs means less food for them so they will venture out of their normal areas, aka your backyard. Typically wild hogs like to eat grub worms, that's why they dig up the ground. It's a good idea to treat your yard, even within the city limits, for grub worms as a preventative measure. This won't guarantee to keep wild hogs away but it won't hurt either.

Can Be Aggressive but Will Run Away

Yes, wild hogs can be very aggressive. But they also don't want anything to do with us humans and are more likely to run away if we are seen by them. It's when they feel cornered that they will become overly aggressive. If piglets are around, they could become very protective and attack but even in this situation, they may all turn and run (chron.com).

Getting Rid of Wild Hogs

Shooting a wild hog is perfectly okay to do. If you're inside the city limits there may be some restrictions on using a firearm. Check with your city to find out what those ordinances are. If you have a mass problem with hogs in your neighborhood, calling a professional trapper may be the best option.

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