Everything is bigger in Texas, including the Black Friday fights. Oh yeah we love to get the best deals in town, but does everyone else. We've heard some Black Friday horror stories & here are some of the craziest to ever happen in the state of Texas.

San Antonio, TX Black Friday Fight

In 2012, at a Sear's store in San Antonio, Texas, a man cut in line & punched the man he cut in the face. The man who got punched, Jose Alonzo Salame, pulled out a gun on the line cutter and was detained by police. Thankfully no one was killed.

Fort Worth, Texas Black Friday Fight

In 2013, there was a massive fight that broke out at a Walmart in Fort Worth. The fight was so bad it was shared on the international news.

El Paso, Texas Black Friday Fights

In 2015, at a Walmart in Northeast El Paso, an elderly woman was trampled by a man went trying to get a 50 inch television. The man was quickly detained & arrested by police. Amazingly the video was captured on video & made its way to YouTube.

Sadly this would not be the last time fights would break out during Black Friday in El Paso. We've had another instances happen in 2017 (this video by IMJOSEMENDOZA can only be watched on YouTube)

And just recently in 2022, another fight broke as 2 people fought over, you guessed, a tv. As this video from the Papi & Piggie Show in Foot Hood shows.

And those are just the instances that we've seen ONLINE. There's most likely more out there that we haven't seen yet.

How likely are you to get in a fight during Black Friday in Texas?

According to ABC13 in Houston, they put out a story in 2017 showing that Texas actually ranks around #24, so right at the halfway point. So in conclusion, you're not VERY likely to see a fight break out so you should be ok.

But be cautious regardless, people be crazy out there!

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