It's no secret that we love dogs in Texas. In Dallas, there's one house that almost looks like it's made for dog lovers. Especially for those who love chihuahuas & the good news is that this house will be done for people to check out in 2024.

Cute chihuahua puppy sleeping with teddy bear on the white bed,Vintage style

What exactly is this "Texas chihuahua house"?'s almost exactly as it sounds. According to Allerior Architects, they're currently building a new place, called "The Chihuahua House" on 3415 Chihuahua Ave in Dallas, TX (of course). It's a 2 story building with 4 bedrooms & 3.5 bathrooms & a 2 car garage.

Judging by the inside and the giant lawn statue of a chihuahua dog on the outside, it's designed specifically for lovers of the tiny breed of dog (My mom would definitely love this type of house).

When will the building of the Chihuahua House be complete?

Building on the house began in August 2023 & they've posted regular updates on their Instagram page. They said that despite the house being on sale now, the building is set to be finished in May 2024 & they are open for people who would want a tour of the house. There's no pricing on how much a stay would be (obviously cause the place isn't finished yet). However. you can also see photos of this house WOULD look like before it's finished on their website.

This is certainly an interesting house that's coming up in Texas; I know where we live, many people have chihuahuas. Personally, I don't know if MY dogs would like a giant version of themselves in their lawns. But I'm definitely not against having a house with plenty of dog related art pieces inside.

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