Is Texas superstitious? Oh absolutely! Of course, we've heard the classic superstitions like don't ever break a mirror, or step on a crack & you break your momma's back (which...I'll be honest I still believe.). There are MANY people that are superstitious here in the Lone Star state & there are many local legends that we've told and believe are true.

What are some superstitions that Texas believes in?

Speaking as someone who lives in El Paso, we have our own set of superstitions that we believe in. Some of these include not sweeping at night or you'll get bad luck; or don't ever leave your purse on the floor unless you want those pesky spirits pick-pocketing you while you sleep.

But that's not just El Paso that believes in superstitions; the entire state was ranked as THE most superstitious state in the entire United States, with a score of 73.96 out of 100 (I think they should've just rounded up to make it an even 74 but whatever).

The point is, Texas has its own set of superstitions that we still believe in. Personally, my favorites are the ones about the dog star & the cowbells. I'm sure Gene Frenkle has an extra cowbell to help Texas farmers out with that one...

Of course... people have yet to DISPROVE any of these. So until then, we shall keep believing in them. Here are 12 superstitions that Texas definitely believes in even to this day, and perhaps many more to come.

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