The state of Texas is full of ghost towns -- some become ghost towns due to Mother Nature, others just get abandoned. Some that have been abandoned are not so easy to find, because they can be found...underwater. Here are some Texas cities that can be found in the waters throughout the Lone Star State.

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Bluffton, Texas

One of the most famous underwater cities in Texas is Bluffton, found under Lake Buchanan. When the Buchanan Dam flooded in 1939, the original site of Bluffton became underwater. While there's a NEW Bluffton now, the old Bluffton sits quietly under Lake Buchanan.

Indianola, Texas

A city that once had one of the biggest ports in the entire state, the town of Indianola in Calhoun County was a booming place in the 1800s. On September 16, 1875, many people lost their lives to a deadly hurricane. The town was rebuilt but 11 years later, on August 20, 1886, another hurricane came by and wiped the town out. The town was abandoned in 1887 and while some of it sits on land, there's also a chunk that now sits underwater in Matagorda Bay.

Friendship, Texas

Just 50 miles northeast of Austin, marked the location of Friendship, Texas. After the town was partially destroyed by a flood in 1921, the town slowly became abandoned. A few more floods would slowly claim the town before finally becoming fully swallowed by Lake Granger in the late 70s. Today it's a popular site for bass & crappie fishing.

Zana, Texas

Not much is known about the East Texas city called Zana, Texas in San Augustine County. But what we DO know is that between 1886 to 1916, at least 50 people lived in the area. It was abandoned in the 1930s & the town became submerged when the Sam Rayburn Reservoir flooded. We do that ANOTHER city is buried under the Sam Rayburn Reservoir: the town of Concord.

Towash, Texas

If you travel to Lake Whitney (just a short drive from Waco & Dallas), found just a little over 100 miles under the surface, you will find out the old town of Towash. The town became entirely underwater when The Whitney Dam flooded in the 1950s. In nearby Hillsboro, you can find replicas of what Towash used to look like, thanks to the Cell Block Museum.

So next time you're swimming in the waters, it's more than sharks you need to look out for; you might just find a building too.

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