Everyone said there was no way to have a full on water park without any water in it. Texas said, "hold my beer" ...

These days, water conservation is on everyone's mind and across Texas, especially in the drier regions like west and southwest Texas, we're doing our part to cut back.

Even when it comes to water parks where cutting back on water useage isn't exactly easy. Unless you just cut out the water all together ...

Texas is home to some amazing water parks like Schlitterbahn and Hurricane Harbor to name a couple.

Texas even has America's largest INDOOR water park for those rainy or wintry days. Here in El Paso, Wet 'N Wild Waterworld has the biggest wave pool in Texas.

Waterparks come in many shapes and sizes, from "splash pads" to the mega parks but they all have one thing in common ... they need a LOT of water.

There are many ways to conserve and recycle water but you still need a ton of it to run a water park. Unless you're at Slick City in Katy, Texas.

There, you just need some to drink.

Slick City/Katy opened in 2023. Check out their attractions here and buy your tickets here. Buying tickets in advance is recommended.

To learn more about Slick City, visit their website or check out their Facebook page. You could also go old school and call them at (346) 322 - 1020.

In addition to the slides, Slick City also offers a free style air court, go - karts and more. There are more attractions under development.

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