Chioma Egbuonu, an eighth-grade student at Saint Raphael Catholic School, took home top honors in the El Paso Regional Spelling Bee Finals back in March and the Scripps National Spelling Bee finals are slowly approaching!

Personally, if the word Sherif, Sherriff, SHERIFF was on the list of words for me to spell, I would lose, and apparently other simple words would cause other grown adults to lose the spelling bee, too!

Google has revealed the top spelling searches by state, highlighting the words Americans find most challenging and some of these words actually surprised me.


Texans Can’t Spell….

Physique. Yup. We’re good at working on our physique but apparently we have a difficult time spelling the word. GUILTY!

New Mexico Can’t Spell….

Quiet. Hey, I know they taught us the “I before E except after… whatever rule but sometimes it slips our minds so, New Mexico, I feel you.

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Here’s a look at words other states have trouble spelling:

1. **California**: Struggles with the word "pretty."
2. **New Mexico**: Finds "quiet" difficult to spell.
3. **North Dakota**: Can't spell "secret."
4. **Kansas**: Stumped by "chaos."
5. **Oklahoma**: Trips over "animal."
6. **Michigan**: Has trouble with "cousin."
7. **Ohio**: Finds "equal" challenging.
8. **Tennessee**: Can't spell "field."
9. **Maine**: Confuses "heard" with "herd."
10. **Wisconsin**: Struggles with "ally."
11. **Virginia**: Finds "said" difficult.

In addition to these, there are other notable mentions:

- **Nevada**: Needs help spelling "internet."
- **Louisiana**: Has trouble with "decision."
- **Kentucky**: Can't spell "definitely."
- **Indiana**: Jealous of those who can spell "jealous."
- **Mississippi**: Nervous about spelling "nervous."
- **New Hampshire**: Tortured by the word "tortured."
- **Wyoming**: Baffled by "corduroy."
- **Utah**: Struggles with "Mississippi."
- **Nebraska**: Can't spell "California."
- **Maryland**: Fails to spell "Pennsylvania," despite being neighbors.

Courtesy: Google Trends
Courtesy: Google Trends

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