Just because you’re one of country music’s biggest stars doesn’t mean you can’t get busted for even the silliest wrongdoings. Jason Aldean unfortunately found that out the hard way while enjoying a day on the beach on Monday afternoon (June 11).

Much like any regular guy might react when annoyed, Aldean took to his Twitter page to rant about how his relaxing day turned sour real quick when he was ticketed for swimming in what officials felt were dangerous water conditions.

“Dear officer who gave me a ticket on the beach today for swimming in the water with double red flags,” Aldean wrote in his first public message Monday night. “Thanx for the warning Barney Fife!”

“I know he was doin his job, but im pretty sure i wouldnt drown in knee deep water,” he continued in his next post. “Gimme a break!”

It didn’t take long for Aldean’s fans to jump on the bandwagon, especially on Facebook — some supporting the singer’s comments and others who sided with the officer who wrote the ‘Fly Over States’ singer a ticket.

“Chill people,” Aldean chimed in again. “Im not b—-in, im just sayin … When there is 100 people in the water and u pick 2 of them to give a ticket to … WTH?”

“I respect all law enforcement & i am thankful for what they do for us, but me & that 12 yr old who got the other 100$ tix are a lil bitter,” he continued, adding, “I love it when yall get fired up on here!!!! Woooooo!”

Before signing off for the night, presumably to rub some aloe on before bed, Aldean shared a piece of evidence to back up his argument: the above photo showing dozens of people peppered around the beach, many in the water. “I would like to present exibit A!!!!!” he wrote as the caption to the picture. “Case closed!”

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