It's the biggest Christmas concert to hit East Texas in the history of Christmas, or East Texas. Friday December 21st at Electric Cowboy it's a Radio Texas, LIVE! Christmas featuring JB and the Moonshine Band and special guests The Cody Johnson Band. If the Mayan calendar is correct, this will be your last concert ever. Buy your tickets now.

These are two of the hottest young bands in the Texas scene and since you've been exceptionally good this year -- we are proud to be bringing you both of 'em for Christmas.

JB from the Moonshine Band stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! to discuss the show and told us this is not a show you want to miss, "It's gonna be a great," says JB, "everybody have plans to come out. Get a babysitter -- this is everyone's last chance to go out and have a good time before Christmas."

And he's right on both accounts. Whether you come out before you leave town for the holiday, or bring your out-of-state family to it, be there. And if you do have family visiting, be sure to bring them to see a REAL Texas Music concert.

JB and the Moonshine Band are currently on tour with American Idol alum Casey James for the Taste of Country Christmas Tour. Through the middle of December the guys will be making eleven stops across Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

But JB says he is really looking forward to coming home to play East Texas, where it all started. "Everybody has their people and these are our people" JB says referring to East Texas.

There's a history here. JB and the guys are, of course, based out of Tyler, and despite their success and the call of the bigger cities, they still have no intention of leaving. And why would they?

When their latest album "Beer for Breakfast" dropped they put on an intimate free acoustic show at Hastings on S. Broadway. That day our hometown boys set a record for the most albums sold in one day at that Hastings, ever.

And the love is not lost on JB who says of the accomplishment, "It was great. That's why these are our people, they come out and support [us]. We don't forget that and that's one of the reasons we are coming home on the twenty first to celebrate."

Tickets are available now, just click here to buy yours now. Tickets can also be purchased at the KNUE studios located at 3810 Brookside Dr. in Tyler.

JB and the Moonshine Band's latest single "Kiss Me That Way" just hit radio a couple weeks ago, and the video accompanying it is finished as well, so be on the lookout for it.

Also be sure to LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter, we'll keep you up to date on the show and have your chance to win there. And I hope to see you Friday December 21st at Electric Cowboy.

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