First, Jimmy Kimmel had parents prank their children by telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy. Then he had parents give kids a terrible Christmas present and record their reactions. Now Kimmel has decided to do the pranking himself.

Last month, Jimmy Kimmel had the bright idea to put kids through a fake lie detector test to uncover their deep and dark secrets. The first bit was such a hit, that Kimmel decided to make it a weekly bit on the show.

Kimmel and his Truth Fairy sidekick grill the children using fake results and intimidating buzzing to get the children to tell the truth, which they may or may not have done had it been a real test. He gets one to say a curse word, and another to admit that they do pee in pools.

The results are hilarious. You can check out all four videos below.

Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective #1

jimmy kimmel lie detective #3

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