Throughout the all-too-short life of the late Joey Feek, the farm she and husband Rory Feek owned in Tennessee was the setting of celebrations, tragedies and moments that will live within the memories of all those who ever had the chance to gather there.

Unfortunately, that very farm was recently hit by a storm.

“Last night just before dark, a big storm came blowing through our back field,” recalled Joey + Rory bandmate Rory Feek in his blog on Tuesday (June 18). “Hard rain and straight-lined winds of over 60 mph came in all of a sudden and left just about as quickly.”

While Rory was out of town at the time of the storm, he returned to find much damage done to the couple’s beloved property.

“I woke up to find the wind had knocked Joey’s ‘potty shed’ over and brought lots of limbs down in the front yard and the back yard,” Rory wrote in the blog, alongside pictures of the damage. “The laundry that had been on the clothesline was scattered in the back yard and the benches in the cemetery were toppled over. All in all, though, it could have been so much worse.”

Amidst the damage, Joey and Rory’s young daughter Indy found a way to put everything in perspective.

“It’s okay Papa,” she told her dad. “It happens sometimes.”

Indeed, following the death of his dear wife in 2016 from cervical cancer, Rory has found a way to get through the storms of life on his own. However, with his beloved Indy by his side and the support of his two older daughters, Rory has recently returned to the stage, performing monthly concerts at the concert hall at their farm in Hardison Mill, Tennessee.

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