Shawn Knight | TSM
Shawn Knight | TSM

Thursday (July 16th) marked a new era in East Texas as the Tyler ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to change the names of both Robert E. Lee High School and John Tyler High School.

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Once the decision was made, provisions on deciding the direction of renaming the schools could include input from local community, student, and staff input of suggestions to gather names for consideration, per the Tyler Morning Telegraph.


After careful thinking and consideration I have found the perfect individual who would be a perfect candidate to bestow the honor of being named after John Tyler High School and that is non other than....The "Tyler Rose" Earl Campbell!

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Renaming Robert E. Lee High School after Earl Campbell is a no-brainer because of the impact he has made on the city of Tyler.

Here are a couple of reasons I think this should happen:

  • He is a 107.3 KISS FM "East Texas Legend"
  • He's from Tyler
  • He's an alumni of John Tyler High School
  • Hey led John Tyler High School to the Texas 4A State Championship in 1973.
  • He's a Heisman Trophy winner as a player at the University of Texas at Austin and drafted by the Houston Oilers in 1978.
  • He's a College Football Hall of Famer in 1990 and NFL Hall of Famer in 1991.
  • His Earl Campbell sausages are GREAT!

I'm not sure on what we need to do to at least give it for consideration to the Tyler ISD Board of Trustees, but I think this would be a great way to recognize one of our East Texas Legends.

What do you think of renaming John Tyler High School after Earl Campbell?

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