You can celebrate freedom and reasonable prices this Independence Day.

The American Farm Bureau Federation conducted a study in which it found the average cost of a Fourth of July picnic costs under $6 per person.

The group came up with its findings by determining your typical summer picnic for 10 people runs about $57.20.

The AFBF arrived at that figure by looking at average prices for routine items you would find at a picnic – the highest end item was two pounds of ground round, which goes for $7.86, while the cheapest thing you need is mustard, with a 16-ounce bottle getting $1.55.

Other food-related items taken into consideration include cheese, hot dogs, hot dog buns, potato salad, lemonade, watermelon, corn chips and baked beans.

So, go ahead and eat up.Knowing you won't empty your bank account will make the food will taste that much better.

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