It's not the Fourth of July without the fireworks, something my daughter looks forward to every year. It appears as if we'll all be able to enjoy fireworks safely this year without having to worry about area burn bans, thanks to spring rains!

Firework stands around East Texas and the state opened yesterday for their 10-day Fourth of July season. All kinds of fireworks can be found at your local stand, like firecrackers, chickens that blow a balloon, artillery shells, sparklers and more. Many firework stands are operated as fundraisers for organizations as well as commercially owned stands and stores.

Just remember when purchasing fireworks, they are banned within the city limits of most cities and when it gets dark and you begin to light up the night sky, do it safely. Never point fireworks at anyone and keep a fire extinguisher or water hose near by just in case you need to put out a fire.

Have fun lighting up the East Texas sky this Fourth of July!

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