If you missed the sad news, for the first time in a century and a half, conversation hearts will not be available at your local grocery store on Valentine’s Day. Yes, there hasn't been a Valentine's without those spunky candy hearts in over 150 years.

Krispy Kreme sees their opening and they're taking it. And, c'mon, let's be honest, tradition aside, a donut is a much better treat than tiny sugary heart shaped candies.

Krispy Kreme has announced they’ll be selling CONVERSATION DONUTS for Valentine’s Day. The donuts are heart-shaped, and they come in four flavors: cake batter, strawberries and kreme, raspberry, and chocolate kreme. They feature the classic conversation heart messages such as “CALL ME” and “BE MINE.” But these donuts are trendy, they's also feature messages including “ALL THE FEELS” and “SO EXTRA."

According to Delish.com, the conversation Donuts from Krispy Kreme will be in stores beginning this week.

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