The title of this article is appropriate, this guy from Canada thought it would be fun to jump off an 11th story balcony into the water below according to That's roughly a 100 foot drop.

Somehow, he didn't break any bones. I would think from that height it would be almost like hitting concrete. According to the Inside Edition video above, his only pain was in his back and tailbone.

And yes, alcohol did play a part in this bit of stupidity.

Royal Caribbean kicked the man and his friends off the boat. They have also been banned for life from the cruise company. The company may also seek legal action against the group for the stunt.

You know, we were all young and stupid once, and I've done my fair share of stupid things, but there were those times in my younger days when I knew where the line was drawn. This would have been one of those times.

Sometimes, the Darwin Awards just don't go to the right people.

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