Sometimes the actions of others really make you question how on Earth the rest of us are going to make it when it feels like everyone else is dead set with ruining the world on purpose. Justice can also leave a sense of unfulfillment for victims that really desire an undo to their trauma, like what happened to a 13 year old girl in Waco, Texas.

The young girl had to relive that trauma over the last couple of weeks from an attack that occurred in 2019 at the hands of Roy Landaverde, who was 17 at the time of the assault. The victim testified that she was locked into a room with Landaverde for about 15 hours after he stole her phone from her.

She had difficulty looking at Landaverde, and didn't even want to look up to point him out as her attacker when asked to identify him. She shared that he boasted,

"I have taken your virginity."
McLennan County Jail/Canva
McLennan County Jail/Canva
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It is almost unimaginable to empathize with someone who has lived through such an experience. This young girl is a survivor and so incredibly brave to tell the authorities what happened.

Landaverde took the stand to deny everything and offer excuses. The jury didn't buy it for one second, and quickly found him guilty. Read more in this article at KWTX.

What happens now that Landaverde has been found guilty?

The sentencing hearing will determine how long Landaverde will be sentenced to prison. He had been free on bond through the trial, but once was found guilty on Monday, he was taken into custody.

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