It’s very possible that you have seen her comedy online or on her Netflix special. Some people are calling her the funniest woman in the South we’re talking about comedian Leanne Morgan! And great news, 101.5 KNUE has tickets for you to see her in person. 

She has been a professional comedian for over 20 years, but never intended that to be her career. At first, Leanne was selling jewelry at home parties but made her customers laugh so much one actually urinated on a couch. It was soon after that incident that her calendar started filling up with stand-up comedy gigs. 

Leanne now has over 2.25+ million followers on her various social media channels, with her most popular stand-up special on YouTube hitting over 50 million views. She has appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, The View, and tons of other big time shows to showcase her comedic abilities. 

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Where Can You See Leanne Morgan Thanks to 101.5 KNUE 

Our friends at the Choctaw Casino in Grant, Oklahoma are welcoming Leanne Morgan to their beautiful facilities on Friday, July 7th. The doors will open at 7:00pm and the show will begin at 8:00pm. This sounds like a perfect reason to leave work early on a Friday. But the show is sold out so let’s help you win tickets. 

How Can You Win Tickets to See Leanne Morgan? 

Here at 101.5 KNUE we want to make it as simple as possible for you to win. So just complete the simple sign-up sheet below and you will be instantly qualified to win. We will call the winners to pick up their tickets from our studios located at 3810 Brookside Drive in Tyler, TX prior to the show. GOOD LUCK! 

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