Maui-born singer Lily Meola -- a protégée of none other than the iconic Willie Nelson -- recently filmed some performances as part of the Jam in the Van video series, and her performance of "End of an Era" is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

Jam in the Van's titular vehicle is, according to the series' website, "the world's first solar-powered music discovery vehicle;" since beginning in Venice, Calif., in 2011, the series has featured more than 500 artists. Meola shot her performance while the van was in Austin, Texas, for SXSW 2016.

"And now I'm free to be / Whatever the hell I choose / It's a new kind of justice / Nobody making my moves," Meola sings in her effortlessly breezy manner. "I'm walking on water / I'm dancing on clouds / I'm as high as a moon / And I'm never coming down / It's the end of an era."

Don't be fooled: "End of an Era" is about a breakup -- a good one (though not one that Meola herself went through). The song continues, "It's the end of an era / I'm no longer your girl / It's the end of an era / I'm on top of the world."

It's clear why Meola, 21, garnered attention from Nelson: Her voice is ultra-smooth, and she possesses a style all her own. The "Red Headed Stranger" singer discovered Meola at Café des Amis, located in Paia, Maui -- thanks, in part, to his wife, Annie.

"I have known the Nelsons for quite a while, but not really well. Willie’s wife Annie brought him to a couple of my shows a few years back. I used to perform regularly in a little outdoor cafe ...," Meola explains. "After one of my performances there, Willie sat in and sang "Crazy" with me. He handed me a piece of paper with a couple songs on it and said, ‘Let me know if you’d like to record one of these with me.’ Since then, the Nelsons have taken me in as one of their own and have taught me so much."

On March 6, Meola released her debut record, They Say, which features duets with Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. It is available via Meola's official website.

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