There is no doubt about it, here in East Texas there are some major Jeep enthusiasts. Yes, there are huge truck enthusiasts too, but if you haven't seen the Jeeps just visit Fuzzy's Taco Shop on Old Jacksonville in Tyler on a Tuesday. There have been two different weeks that I stop by Fuzzy's and the entire parking lot is packed with not normal Jeeps, but very modified Jeep's. These impressive vehicles have extra lights and accessories and it's even more impressive to see lots of Jeep owners coming together to put on Jeep-O-Ween in Lindale.

This year will actually be the 2nd annual Jeep-O-Ween which is set to take place this upcoming Saturday, October 30th at Lindale Custom Jeeps located at 806 North Main Street in Lindale. The event will be going on most of the day, kicking off around noon and wrapping up around 7:00 p.m.

Kids Are Encouraged to Wear Their Costume for Jeep-O-Ween

This is a family friendly event where kids are encouraged to put on their costume, come get lots of candy from Jeep owners, and look at all the big scary jeeps that will be ready for you to take photos. If you plan on spending some time at the event, which you're more than welcome to do, you can bring down a lawn chair if you would like.

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There is a Jeep-O-Ween After Party

According to their Facebook Page there is an after party for those big time Jeep-O-Ween fans which includes spiral cooked ham with Hawaiian sliders, lots of chips and dip, this is a BYOB event. The after party is taking place at 13532 CR 4122 in Lindale.

This Jeep community is very generous to put this event together so if you're kiddos are getting dressed up to celebrate on Saturday night, swing by Jeep-O-Ween, they would love to see you and give away some candy.

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