One of my absolute favorite parts of any event we put on is the vendors. And one of my favorite vendors is The Luscious Crumb from Mineola. They have some of the best treats in East Texas. Well, on June 30, the ladies at The Luscious Crumb will be sharing their talents and secrets with the nation on one of the biggest platforms that bakers across the nation long to be on.

'Cupcake Wars' is in its seventh season on Food Network, and shows no signs of slowing down. It puts different cupcake makers against each other to see who can make three of the best cupcakes fitting the theme for that episode. There are three eliminations and a huge 2,000-cupcake finale that helps determine the winner. Not only do the winner's cupcake and setup get to be the highlight of whichever event is that episode, but they also get $10,000.

The episode featuring the Luscious Crumb will air at 7 p.m. June 30 on Food Network. There will be a Cupcake Wars Watching Party at the Theater on Johnson Street in Mineola. There will be chances for you to watch the show inside the theater, but there will also be big screens outside of the theater for a huge block party.

Here's a funny clip from ABC's show Two Broke Girls when they auditioned for Cupcake Wars.