If you've spent any amount of time driving in Longview, TX, or Tyler, TX, or anywhere across East Texas you are well aware of our little "sun problem."

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I'm not sure who decided the layout of our roads, but I've driven in many different places all around this great country of ours, but only here in East Texas does it seem as if our roads were designed to specifically have us driving directly into the face of the sun every morning and night.

Know what I'm talking about?

There are certain times of the year (lookinat at you fall and winter), when it's nearly impossible to drive west in the evening. The rising and setting sun seems to line up perfectly with half of our roads. At these times driving is plain hazardous thanks to the beautiful blinding sun splattering across your entire windshield. And we just gotta live with it.

Whether it's the landscape, or where East Texas is located on planet earth in relation to the sun, poor planning, or it's all in my head, it just seems to me like it's worse here than other places I've been.

Just last week my family and I were driving to Tyler from Longview around 5 p.m., and the sun was at just the perfect angle, that I very nearly just pulled over and waited for it to set. It somehow stayed at this angle for like 45 minutes.

Elyse Nesbitt McCoskey of Longview took to the All Things Longview Facebook group yesterday to do something most of us would never do. In fact, it's something that I've never seen, and the response she's gotten has been as beautiful, inspiring even, as her original post.

McCoskey's post was a public apology for an accident that was narrowly avoided thanks to the actions of another driver. As it turns out yesterday morning the sun blocked her view of the road and she was mistakenly driving in two lanes.

Here's what she wrote:

I am writing a public apology to the lady in the black Challenger (Charger?) that I almost ran off the road this morning in Whiskey Bend. I am SO VERY sorry! The sun was at an angle that it looked like I was in my lane but I was halfway in yours! Please know I was totally at fault and realize that. I promise I wasn't texting or anything else... My husband said he has had a similar thing happen when it was raining and I'm wondering if they maybe need to work on the striping in that area? I am thankful that you saw my error and was able to scoot over until I corrected my vehicle... I assure you I meant no harm or ill will.

Have you ever seen a post like this? Much respect to this person. And it serves as a little reminder that a little bit of grace and kindness can go a long way.

Oh, and the woman she nearly ran off the road? She actually saw the post. She replied "That was me...thank you for the apology." You've got to read some of the replies, these two women made my day better and from the looks of it many others as well, and hopefully it'll do the same for you.

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