When most people are planning a trip to the state of Louisiana it's most common for that to include a visit to New Orleans. Whether it's during the Mardi Gras celebration or not there is always music, food, and a party atmosphere. But as I was visiting family last week I drove multiple hours through the state of Louisiana and realized how easy it was to know if you were still in Louisiana or not, if you're vehicle was bouncing up and down due to horrible roads, you're still in Louisiana.

It was something that most East Texans know and come to expect as soon as they cross the state line but I'm not sure why the state of Louisiana has done nothing to address the issue. There is lots of fun and exciting things to do and see throughout the state but you might need to check the alignment on your vehicle after just about every trip you make. Okay, maybe not every trip but almost every trip.

This Just Makes Me Appreciate Living in the State of Texas Even More

It might sound a bit funny to think that you can actually notice a difference when driving your vehicle in different states, but the next time you drive through Louisiana I bet you will notice just how bad their roads are maintained. But I do also realize that all of those road repairs cost money and I'm sure our neighbors to the east would prefer to not have taxes go up to work on roads.

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Don't Expect Everything to be Smoothed Over Soon

I can promise you that road crews will not be going to work to fix roads just because I noticed that roads in Louisiana need some work. And I don't think their government officials will be paying for any alignment or tire repairs anytime soon either. It's just one of the things that makes Louisiana one of a kind.

If you could change one thing about the state of Louisiana what would you change?

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