Take a good look at this voided Millionaires Club ticket from the Texas Lottery. This will probably be as close as you ever get to winning a $7.5 million scratch-off prize. 

That is unless your name is Trevathan Adams of Lufkin, who on Feb. 2 claimed one of the three top prizes of this Texas Lottery game  The 2010 Lufkin High School graduate took a chance on the $50 per ticket scratch off game while at the HEB on Timberland Drive in Lufkin, and he become the second Texan to win $7.5 million.

The first winner of the Millionaires Club's top prize took place in Denton in May 2014. So that means there is still another $7.5 million to be claimed somewhere in the state. This also means that if you have shopped at the Lufkin HEB anytime in the past few weeks, you have walked by a ticket that was worth enough money to run the government for at least a few seconds.

No doubt that after taxes Adams will have less to spend than the original jackpot, but still, what would do with that kind of money?