Most of us know the story of Jonah and the whale. Jonah is swallowed by a whale and is able to live for three days and three nights in it's belly. Well, a man lobster diving off the coast of Cape Cod has his Jonah story after being swallowed by a whale then spit out a short time later.

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Michael Packard was off the coast of Cape Cod enjoying some lobster diving. Packard had made a dive of about 45 feet almost reaching the ocean floor. Packard then said he could just feel hard stuff around him and it got dark. He didn't think he had been taken in by a shark because he couldn't feel teeth. That's when he realized it could have been a whale.

For about 40 seconds, which probably felt like a lot longer, he could feel the whale's head shaking as it was swimming. That's when Michael Packard finally saw light, or the moment he was spit out of the whale's mouth.

His fishing buddy, Josiah Mayo, who witnessed the whole incident, was able to pull Packard into his boat safely. He was fully awake but Packard was afraid his legs were broken and worried about the quick ascent from the water's depth. After being checked out at the hospital, Packard only had a dislocated knee and some bruises on his legs but no other injuries or issues.

It has not discouraged Michael from diving again, he's already planning his next trip as his legs and knee heals from this story of a lifetime.

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