Unless you're cutting way back on your Memorial Day BBQ, here in Texas it's going to cost you some extra dough this year, but that's not a surprise to anyone. Grocery prices are wild'n out.

By now, we're all well aware that these higher prices aren't just in our heads. Buying anything is harder and more expensive than it was just a year ago.

“What is the quintessential American good that people are looking at when they’re trying to evaluate how the economy is doing?” said Tyler Schipper, associate professor in the economics department at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. “We’re certainly in an era where there are so many stories written about how do people see the economy, and what is their [reference] point to compare it in the past. And, certainly, the price of ground beef has been one of those things.”

So how will these rising prices affect your BBQ this Memorial Day Weekend? Let's just say you're probably gonna be less inclined to invite your neighbors over. Y'all, we can't feed the entire neighborhood at these prices, amirite?!

1.  Eight burgers:  $8.07, up 15%.
2.  Burger buns:  $3.06, up 1%.
3.  Eight all-beef hot dogs:  $3.15, no change.
4.  Eight hot dog buns:  $3.09, up 1%.
5.  A 32-ounce bottle of ketchup:  $5.53, up 2%.
6.  A 20-ounce bottle of mustard:  $2.61, up 3%.
7.  A 26-ounce bottle of relish:  $4.67, up 49%.

Burger buns have increased in price the least (1%), meanwhile, hamburger meat is just up 15%. But that condiment that has increased the most may surprise you, relish is up nearly 50% since last Memorial Day weekend. This is due to a national pickle shortage.

Hey, if you wanna save a bit this weekend, Aldi was recently named the best-priced grocery store in the country. More on that here.

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