Are you anxious? Do you suffer from high stress? Did you realize these are mental health issues?

Seriously, mental health is often stigmatized and it prevents people from getting health. One East Texas non-profit is improving the ability for students to get the help they need by meeting them where they're at. reports that Next Step Community Solutions has resources available to 1,500 kids on 38 campuses. Program Director, Brandon Davidson told KLTV, "We think it is the most critical piece of the pie is to be on the school campus. It eliminates almost every barrier to care."

You can imagine the variety of issues that students are dealing with today. Yes, the normal social and familial issues we've all encountered with a heightened use of social  media. The hope is that placing additional counselors on campus will allow students easier access to the care they need.

"Actually, putting the counselors in residence at the school. Kids are much more likely to take advantage of the services. Parents do not have to worry about missing work," Davidson told KLTV.

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