Before we get into this very honest conversation about barbecue in East Texas, I want everyone to know this is not a paid advertisement. No one featured below for having delicious ribs paid to be on this list. It was created by locals in a Facebook group when the question came up about where to find the best ribs in Tyler. Obviously, everyone's taste-buds are a little different so not everyone will agree on one location in fact we got quite a few suggestions on where to find the best ribs.

Each restaurant makes their ribs a bit differently and many locations keep their recipe a secret. Barbecue in East Texas is serious business, just like your favorite fishing hole, you keep somethings to yourself.

Suggestions for Ribs Around Tyler Were All Over the Place

While the question was asked where to get the best ribs in Tyler, many of the locals that spoke up mentioned locations that were outside of Tyler. When you start checking out the locations below you will see some of the staples that everyone expects to see on the list but there were some other options thrown out that I would have never expected to make the list.

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Some Suggestions for Best Ribs Around Tyler Were a Joke (We Hope)

We got lots of tremendous suggestions on where to get fantastic ribs but there always has to be the "clever" person who suggests the McRib from McDonalds. If you think McDonalds has the best ribs around here, you might need to seek professional help.

Now to the real suggestions on where to get the best ribs around Tyler (and East Texas):

The Best Barbecue Ribs Around Tyler Can Be Found Here:

Locals in East Texas speak up about the best place to get ribs.

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