What a night to remember at the 2012 London Olympics yesterday. History was made and U.S.A. is on a definite roll. Michael Phelps takes home his 19th Olympic medal last night, making him the most decorated Olympian of all time!

What a thrill it was to watch the world's greatest swimmer,  swim to the wall as the anchor leg of the  4 x 200-meter freestyle relay to earn his record 19th career Olympic medal and 15th gold.

Michael Phelps has always said he wanted to do something that no one has ever done before - and he did it.

I was thrilled to Phelps get his "mojo" back. It seemed to me that he was a little lack luster in some of his events. I know he had wanted to retire before this Olympics, but he chose to do it anyway. Boy, I'm glad he did. To see his face and the familiar shout and pumping  of his arms in the air, was amazing. Looks like Michael Phelps is back!

Another great U.S. swimmer, Allison Schmitt, kept the women's swim team dominate, after she set the record yesterday in the 200 meter freestyle.

Known for her bubbly, funny nature, Schmitt laughed and  joked with her training partner, Michael Phelps. They have a special bond and some say Schmitt helps Phelps to relax and have fun and Phelps gives her tips on keeping a cool head in races.

The women's gymnastics was just as thrilling as I watched on "pins and needles." Those 5 brave girls, brought home the gold,

The Olympic victory was a long time coming — it was the first one for the United States women’s team since the Magnificent Seven’s gold at the 1996 Atlanta Games. This time, the United States women, the reigning world champions, won by the biggest margin in 52 years.

This is why I love the Olympics, the sheer drive and determination of the athletes and the adrenaline I get from watching them. achieve their life-long dream.

The latest total I have for Olympic medals at this moment is:

U.S.A - 25

China - 23

France - 11

Germany - 9

Korea - 8


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